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I have just been admitted to the OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies. What do I do next?

Your next step is to set up your OU Email account. Your OU Email address is the consistent point of contact for all correspondence coming from our college as well as all OU departments.

Set up your OU Email account


How long will it take me to complete my degree?

The total number of degree applicable transfer credit you have previously completed plays a major part. Typically, students complete a total of 30 credit hours per academic year (12 hours in the fall, 12 hours in the spring, and then 6 hours in the summer term). Using this average, a 120 credit hour degree can be completed in four years. If you just have 60 credit hours to complete, by completing 30 hours a year, you can finish your degree in two years.

How do I know what to enroll in each semester?

The grad plan you received upon entering our program is to be used as a checklist (filling in the courses as you finish them to reveal your remaining requirements). Keeping your grad plan up-to-date is the best way to stay informed of your progress and ensure degree completion.

How many hours can I enroll in each semester?

The maximum number of credit hours in which a student can enroll in one semester is 19. This breaks down to nine credit hours per 8-week session. This nine credit hour enrollment limit is applied to the summer term as well. You can view our enrollment limits at the Undergraduate Programs Information Center Policies and Procedures page.

How do I know if a class is a first or second 8-week session class?

Listed with each course section will be the Start and End dates. Our 8-week sessions tend to carry consistent calendar dates as follows:

Fall 1st 8-weeks: August-October
Fall 2nd 8-weeks: October-December

Spring 1st 8-weeks: January - March
Spring 2nd 8-weeks: March - May

Is there more than one summer session?

No, there is only one 8-week summer session offered through the College which covers the months of June and July.

What if a course I need to enroll in is full or closed?

In order to enroll in a closed course you must email the instructor to see if he or she will allow one more student on the course roster. If the instructor finds this acceptable, forward that email to your Academic Advisor so that you can be given the necessary closed course permission to enroll.

How do I drop a course from my schedule?

Students should drop online through ONE online enrollment system. In the event that you are unable to do so online (holds, final course, free drop period expired, etc.), you can send the Drop Request Form to your assigned academic advisor for assistance.

How will dropping a course effect my financial aid?

All financial aid questions are best answered by the PACS Financial Aid Office.


Phone: (405) 325-2929

How do I ensure my tuition assistance (TA) is being used correctly?

Your point of contact regarding all aspects of your tuition assistance is Stephanie Pitchford.