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Scholarships FAQ

I’ve heard that some scholarships don’t have applicants, and money will be given away to anyone who applies, even if they aren’t eligible. Can I apply for a scholarship if I don’t meet the eligibility requirements? 

Students must meet all eligibility requirements in order to apply, or their application will not be reviewed by the selection committee.  

For the faculty recommendations, can my advisor or a professor from another school write my recommendation? 

When obtaining a faculty recommendation for the Alumni Scholarship, it must be a current College of Professional and Continuing Studies faculty member. However, it can be from a previous semester, not necessarily from the current semester. 

Do I have to be currently enrolled in classes to apply for a scholarship?

Yes, you must be enrolled in the semester for which you are applying for the scholarship in order to be eligible to apply.

Are certificate-seeking students eligible to apply for scholarships?

Only degree-seeking students are eligible for scholarships. Certificate-seeking students aren’t eligible to apply for PACS scholarships.

I don’t know what scholarship to apply for. Should I apply for all of them?

If you’re not sure what scholarship to apply for, please read the eligibility requirements for each scholarship. If you’re still not sure, contact us at PACSSTUDENTSERVICES@OU.EDU

How long should my essay be for my scholarship application?

PACS scholarship essays should be one full page (double-spaced, 12-point type) and fully answer the questions asked. This is your chance to tell your story to the committee and convince them that you should receive the scholarship over the other applicants. One paragraph answers are not sufficient.

When the scholarship asks for a faculty recommendation, do I just list the name, or do I have to contact that professor for the letter?

It is your responsibility, as the scholarship applicant, to contact the professor and ask them to write the scholarship letter for you and to submit it to the contact person and email address provided. If you do not contact the professor, and you just list the professor's name, you will not be considered eligible for the scholarship.