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Mission and Core Values

College Mission

The OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies provides access to transformational, world-class University of Oklahoma degrees, certifications, and programs for a varied group of learners.

Core Values

To carry out our mission, we offer exceptional programming and tailored support services, centered on the following core values:

We are STUDENT-CENTERED. Our students are fundamental to all that we do, so every decision and action contributes to our students’ learning experiences.

We are SERVICE-ORIENTED. We provide exceptional service for our students, clients, and each other.

We are QUALITY-DRIVEN. Students learn best when they are engaged, challenged, and supported, and we seek to provide an optimal combination of those factors throughout all our program offerings.

We are INNOVATIVE. We constantly search for the most effective ways to serve and engage our unique student populations, To do so, we encourage forward-thinking, creativity, and initiative.

We act and relate with INTEGRITY. We operate honestly, ethically, transparently, and respectfully.