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Developmental Studies

The Developmental Studies program was developed to help students who do not meet the university's minimum mathematics, reading, and English requirements.

Who Takes Developmental Studies Courses?

The typical student is either:

  • a returning student who needs a refresher in mathematics, English, or reading before tackling college-level courses or
  • a traditional student who does not have a strong foundation in high school mathematics, English, or reading

What Courses are Offered in Developmental Studies?

Developmental Reading – This course is designed to improve students’ reading skills in college courses. Skills presented will include improving vocabulary, active learning, concentration skills, finding main ideas, patterns of organization, note taking, outlining, annotating, point of view, and creative and critical thinking skills.

Developmental Mathematics - These courses are designed to give students a refresher in mathematics, specifically basic and intermediate algebra. They serve as prerequisites to Mathematics for Critical Thinking (MATH 1473), College Algebra (MATH 1503), and Pre-calculus for Business, Life, and Social Science Majors (MATH 1643).

How do Developmental Studies Courses Fit into OU Academics?

Developmental Studies courses are zero-level courses that carry load credit only, counting towards full-time student status, including financial aid and all other aspects of student life. However, the courses do not satisfy degree requirements or count in GPA calculations.

Developmental Studies courses must be taken and passed with a grade of C or higher before a student is allowed to take a college-level class, including mandatory Gen-Ed classes required for all OU degree programs. The Developmental Studies courses are to be taken upon initial enrollment at OU and in consecutive fall and spring semesters.

Transcript Information

All developmental courses are taught by Rose State College on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. Enrollment in a Rose State at OU course gives consent to the sharing of necessary data about students between Rose State College and The University of Oklahoma. This data will be used to facilitate admission as a student at Rose State College. The University of Oklahoma and Rose State College have entered into agreements which allow all Rose State tuition and fees to be reflected on OU Bursar bills and allows OU Financial Aid Services to process state and federal financial aid for Rose State courses. Grades will be posted to OU transcripts as transfer work from Rose State College. For questions or concerns, please contact (405) 325-1921.

For questions about enrollment in the Sooner Rose program, please contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment at (405) 325-2151 or