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For more information about this program, please contact:

Lily Martinez
Program Director

Quality Oil Well Control Instruction

The Blowout Prevention School (BOPS) at the University of Oklahoma has offered quality oil well control instruction for more than 30 years. Course materials feature the latest methods for increasing operational efficiency, reliability and safety, as well as new technology. The classroom learning experience is enhanced through the use of hands-on simulation training, audiovisual aides, and a comprehensive training manual specific to each course.

Who We Serve

Companies – Enjoy the flexibility of group instruction at your location or participate in individual open enrollment.

Individuals/consultants - Appreciate the combination of quality instruction, regular course offerings, and location.

Who Teaches the Course

Your instructor plays a critical role in your success in the course, so we are very selective when it comes to the course leader. BOPS has selected Global Well Control, Inc., to deliver our courses. An accredited provider of IADC training and certifications, GWC was selected because of its commitment to quality instruction, as evidenced by its 95% pass rate.


  • Pass rates – We’ve experienced pass rates of 95%, compared to the IADC overall pass rate of 83%. Some course providers experience far lower pass rates. When you consider the additional time and cost of retakes and possible missed work, this makes the pass rate an important factor.
  • Assurance regarding quality – OU has been a leader in both the energy industry for 70+ years and well control courses for more than 30 years. A course delivered under the OU name gives you additional assurance regarding quality - that the instructors have been vetted and industry mandated certification requirements are followed.
  • Official certification two-for-one – Upon passing the exam for the WellSHARP course, you can also receive the Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Awareness Certificates of Completion.
  • Avoid missing out on jobs – Many jobs require certifications. Don't miss out, get certified, and keep up to date!
  • Schedule around other commitments – You can plan your course at a time convenient to your work or personal schedule. We suggest scheduling a few months out, so if a time conflict arises, you still have a chance to re-schedule and not risk your certification expiring.