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Pooja Shrivastava

Pooja Shrivastava

Associate Professor Integrative Studies

Pooja Shrivastava, Ph.D., is an associate professor at the OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies. She leads the college’s integrative studies degree completion program. She joined OU in 2016. 

Pooja holds a doctorate in organizational behavior and human resources from the Indian Institute of Technology (IITD). Her research and teaching focus on organizational culture, ethics and leadership, and stakeholder management. She aims to integrate management and psychological perspectives to create a more emphatic and human-centered approach to leadership and organizational behavior. 

Since 2001, she has developed and led online, distance learning, and in-person courses. Her extensive industry experience in healthcare administration enriches the classroom with practicality and applicability. She leverages her deep understanding of the industry to bridge the gap between theory and real-world scenarios. She empowers her students with essential life skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, adaptability, and leading change. Read more about her faculty spotlight nomination. 

Pooja is also ​a certified executive coach for leadership development and has coached industry leaders in behavioral change and performance management

In addition to her academic work, Pooja's volunteer work has had a profound and positive impact on numerous lives on and off campus. Her firm belief in the power of serving the community with meaning drives her to fulfill her purpose. She offers stress and resilience workshops, evidence-based breathing techniques, and meditation with OU Livewell, inspiring others to make a difference. 

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