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Former North America/Europe (NA/EU) Students

(Effective 1 August 2023)

(Admitted under the Tri-services contract in Europe or CONUS military installation MOUs Summer 2018-Spring 2023.)

The Advanced Programs entity under which several campus programs were offered for the last decades will be/was sunset 31 July 2023. Although associated contracts and MOUs end at this time, OU’s support for and obligation to those students who were admitted into the program will not. Because the site director positions  associated with Advanced Programs will no longer exist, AP students who were formally admitted during this period and who may wish to complete their program will now contact their specific academic department.

Please see the following list that contains the link for your academic department. Once on the department’s webpage, selecting ”Contact” in the side bar or at the top of the page will provide directory information. The department will guide you through the steps you need to take if you are eligible to complete your program of study. You may be referred to individuals outside of the department for additional assistance.

Program Weblink
Education (ILAC)
Human Relations
International Relations (MAIR)
Organizational leadership* (doctoral program)
(*Contact link is at bottom of page.)

Please note the following:

If you are eligible for reapplication and readmission to an eligible program of study and able to complete within the prescribed 5 years, you will also receive the agreed-upon grandfathered tuition rate for remaining master’s degree level courses, which is currently set at $418. This rate may change slightly with annual inflation index adjustments.