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Program History

OULI was established in 2004 as a collaboration between Tinker Air Force Base and OU Outreach, and has since expanded into a program that has worked with many other major government agencies and private businesses. This page highlights major, long-term programs.

Tinker Air Force Base

OULI has worked with Tinker Air Force Base since 2004 on transformation efforts relating to all levels and units of the organization. Tinker AFB is a major U.S. Air Force base located in Oklahoma City, near Midwest City, Oklahoma. To date, more than 10,000 Tinker employees have attended OULI training. Please visit the following links to read a few examples of OULI's exciting work with Tinker:

OULI's work with Tinker AFB has been targeted at helping the base establish a self-sufficient process improvement program, transitioning to internal training and direction through both operational process improvement training and related management training.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services

OULI has been working with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) since 2007, delivering Lean Six Sigma certification training and working to help establish a self-sufficient internal process improvement program at OKDHS. OKDHS offers assistance to children, families, people with disabilities, and the elderly. Services and assistance provided range from food stamps to health benefits to family planning to childcare and more.  

"In a time of limited resources, we will be expected to continue to improve our productivity with fewer and fewer process deficiencies. Lean Six Sigma provides some of the tools that have the most promise in helping us quantify the excellence we all at OKDHS desire for the delivery of the services we offer. Through the Lean Institute, I look forward to learning practical ways OKDHS can improve our processes by applying the Six Sigma principles." - Howard H. Hendrick, OKDHS Director 

"Lean Six Sigma was the perfect addition to supplement OKDHS' need for more project management training. I would recommend this training to anyone, especially managers. It gives you more tools and also quantifiable data to confirm ideas you may already have." — Vince Deberry, e-business manager for Center for Public Management at OU Outreach 

"I feel very fortunate to have been included in these courses and feel I can put these practices to use on a daily basis in my current position." — Deb Garrett-Palmer, planning specialist with the Business Quality Department, Data Services Division, OKDHS 

United States Postal Service 

OULI worked with the United States Postal Service's National Center for Employee Development (NCED) from 2007-09, delivering Green Belt and Black Belt training to USPS employees nationwide. NCED oversees and conducts hands-on training for postal employees who manage and maintain major high-technology postal systems, vehicles, and mail processing equipment. Training offered at NCED supports postal automation efforts and national job skills training. 

Oklahoma Green Program (Oklahoma Department of Commerce) 

From 2010-2013, OULI offered its Lean and Green program at no cost to Oklahoma businesses across the state as part of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce's "Oklahoma Green Program." During this program, businesses taking part in Lean and Green documented millions of dollars in reduced operating costs by reducing their environmental footprints through Lean. 

Public Offerings & Private Training 

In addition to these ongoing training programs, OULI offers public certification classes that are open enrollment to employees of any organization. OULI is also happy to schedule private, in-house training at any facility or agency. Private classes are much less expensive per student and often much more convenient for organizations since they can be tailored to an organization's schedule and industry. Please contact us to discuss costs and logistics.