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Earn Your Lean Six Sigma Certifications
from the OU Lean Institute

Learn process improvement and organizational efficiency tools that can take you and your organization to the next level. The University of Oklahoma Lean Institute (OULI) offers a wide variety of classes that combine techniques from Lean and Six Sigma to fit the specific needs of each client and organization. 

Learn How To: 

  • Improve workflow 
  • Improve quality 
  • Reduce defects 
  • Increase profitability 
  • Lower an organization’s environmental footprint and approach sustainability in a profitable way 

OULI's mission is to empower clients toward independent capability through continuous improvement and respect for people.

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Need leadership training?  

Lean Leadership Training and Certifications will empower you to understand the drivers of process Defects/Delays/Safety issues and subsequently create a proactive approach to them versus reactive. Extensive discussion of management’s role in improving business culture conditions is emphasized. It is the foundation to understand Lean Leadership and how to effectively implement it with the assistance of every employee across the enterprise. Much of the content is based on the holistic message of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and the business culture of Toyota.

If you are a business or organization new to Lean Culture thinking, the Lean Institute recommends Building a Strategic Plan for overall Process Improvement and Business Culture as a follow-up to the Leading with Lean course.  

For the Lean-experienced business, organization or individual, we recommend Business Culture Excellence Using the Deming Lens after completing Leading with Lean

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Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Lean Six Sigma White Belt

A one-day training designed to provide the core concepts of Lean and Six Sigma with a focus on Lean practices and quality improvement tools.

OU Lean White Belt

Lean White Belt

A special four-hour Lean workshop for training in Lean core concepts, basic practices, and quality improvement tools. Suitable for anyone in the company.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt including the Leading with Lean Short Course

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt + 

Lead an instructor-guided process improvement project during this four-month training that includes the Leading with Lean Short Course.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Online

This remote course prepares participants to lead and contribute to Lean Six Sigma efforts and projects. Includes 12 days of training spread over four months.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

An intensive, three-month training intended primarily for those who will lead process improvement efforts at an organizational level. 

Lean Leadership

Lean Leadership

An eight-week training course on the Lean mentality and how to incorporate it into daily interactions with employees, customers, and the processes within the larger value stream to which they all contribute.

Our programs range in scope from introductory lectures to continuous training, certification programs,
and quality improvement consulting. We’re happy to customize our services to individual clients.  

Lean Tools

lean tools

Increase efficiency

Lean tools are used to reduce waste in organizations and improve quality control. By applying these tools, you’ll increase efficiency in your organization by getting the most out of each resource.

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