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Mentoring and Networking

OU EDI's mentoring program is designed to provide you with a personal mentor who has years of demonstrated success as an economic development professional.

Your mentor will guide you through your OU EDI program of study and help prepare you for success in the profession. They will be your personal career counselor and professional resource.

Some of the Benefits Your Mentor Can Provide to You Include:

  • Discuss and help structure your program of study to meet your professional goals
  • Discuss other training, conferences, and activities you should pursue to better prepare you for an ED career
  • Help you to understand the certification (CEcD) process and how best to prepare for it
  • Help you develop effective professional networks
  • Discuss ideas, projects, and challenges within your community
  • Support and discuss your career decisions
  • Provide information and resource ideas that may help you in your work place
  • Facilitate small, peer-group discussions during which you can exchange your experiences and challenges
  • Provide names of individuals who may offer expertise and assistance to help guide you in your professional growth

Your mentor will meet with you during each OU EDI session and is available through email or by phone throughout the year.

No other institution or organization in the nation offers economic development training and provides this type of service to its participants. 

Expand Your Network

Participants enjoy long-standing relationships and vital networking with professionals in the field that will be important to them throughout their career. Opportunities are provided at each Economic Development Insitute through Receptions, Lunch and Learns, Mentor Sessions, and other evening events.