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EDI Job Board

OU EDI has served upwards of 10,000 economic development professionals since 1962, including 6,000 who have completed the OU EDI certification. It is considered the gold standard training program, and as such, puts us in contact with some of the more progressive organizations and professionals in the field. As a service to those we serve, we are happy to help match job opportunities and prospective employees. Please review our Use Policy to learn how you might get involved, and we strongly recommend you review our Disclaimer carefully.


1/23/2023 Community & Econ Development Specialist II/III Montgomery County Dayton, Ohio
1/19/2023 Executive Director Hannibal Regional EDC Hannibal, Missouri
1/19/2023 Economic Development Director City of San Angelo Development Corporation San Angelo, Texas
1/18/2023 Community Development Coordinator City of Sugarland Sugarland, Texas

Use Policy

Job applicants: All information we are aware of is contained in the information provided by the organization posting the position. If you have questions or wish to apply for the position, please contact the organization directly.

Posting Job: Job posters need to request a posting via email at Send either a PDF or a web link for us to include in our posting. Whichever is used, you are responsible for the accuracy. The posting should provide this information: 

  1. Organization posting the position.
  2. Title of position being posted.
  3. City/State the person hired will be located.


OU EDI at the University of Oklahoma posts employment opportunities and internships via our website. Postings are based on the information provided by the employer or person offering the job or internship. OU EDI makes no guarantee about positions listed and is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions or other aspects of employment or an internship. It is the responsibility of each individual job seeker to research the integrity of the organization(s) to which he/she is applying and to verify the specific information pertaining to the job posting. Job seekers should exercise due diligence and use common sense and caution when applying for or accepting any position.