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Flexible Schedule

The central focus of OU EDI is to provide ED professionals and those aspiring to the ED profession the tools, skills, and knowledge to be successful economic developers and positively impact their communities

The new OU EDI curriculum and schedule have been re-engineered in response to the evolving needs of the economic development community.

We also recognize that, for some, credentialing is an important element of their professional success. The changes to the curriculum ensure that both of these objectives can be met.

We offer in-person OU EDI Institutes twice a year. Participants earn 39 to 45 hours by attending one of these Institutes. OU EDI is also a well-recognized economic development certificate program. To graduate and earn an OU EDI certificate, participants must complete 117 hours through OU EDI. We also offer online courses. This allows participants to complete an elective from their home or work at a time convenient for them. Our Online Courses provide 18 credit hours. 

There are several ways to progress through OU EDI. 

Institute Schedule