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Fundamentals of Gas Treating with Amines and Chemical Solvents
Jenny Seagraves, Mike Sheilan - Amine Experts, Inc; Bart Welch - Chevron USA


Why Amine Systems Fail – An in-depth Study of Amine System Failures in Gas Plants
Mike Sheilan, Ben Spooner - Amine Experts International; Philip Le Grange

The Impact of Aerosol Contamination on RSV Efficiency
Carl Hahn - Transcend Solutions, LLC

Carbon Capture Demonstration Project within a Canadian Heavy Oil Production Facility
Walid ElMoudir; Ahmed Aboudheir - Delta Clean Tech, Inc.

Advancements in Retrofits for Existing NGL Recovery Plants
Michael Pierce, Scott Miller, Allen Erickson, John Wilkinson - Honeywell UOP; Gerry Wooten, Mustang Gas Products; Raj Patel - Brazos Midstream

An Analysis of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers and Their Associated GHG Emissions
Jay Whitaker - DCP Midstream

Monomethylamine Versus Monoethanolamine Triazine Scavengers
Rohen Prinsloo, Kevin L. Lesage Nancy Chou, Melerin Madekufamba, Herman H. Wan and Robert Marriott - Alberta Sulphur Research LTD / University of Calgary

Flue Gas: Do you know what is in there?
Gerald Vorberg, Mohamed Anas, Jesse Santos, Blake Morell - BASF Corporation

Introduction to Carbon Capture
Jenny Seagraves

How Better Understanding of SRU Incinerators Can Simultaneously Save Money and Reduce Emissions
Gerald Bohme, Peter Seville - Sulphur Experts, Inc

Review of Heat Stable Salt Formation and Mitigation in Amine Systems
Jason Binz - The Dow Chemical Company

Hydrogen from Hydrogen Sulfide in Natural Gas Production and Processing
Ryan J. Gillis - Thiozen, Inc.

COS and Mercaptans Removal from Gases
Prashanth Chandran, Harnoor Kaur, Nathan Hatcher, Jeffrey Weinfeld, Ralph Weiland - Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.

The Valkyrie Process and Renewable Fuels: Moving into Greener Pastures
Peter Photos, John Bourdon - Streamline Innovations, Inc.

Busting a Myth: More Regen Cycles Don’t Always Degrade Mole Sieve Faster
P. Scott Northrop - Northrop Consulting; Paul Northrop - CFD Research Corporation

Thiosulfates on a Starry Night: The Story of Microbiologically Induced Corrosion in an Amine Reboiler System
Adel Morhart, Irina Shchegoleva - Brenntag Canada

Lean Amine quality Challenges to avoid H2S breakthrough at Gas Sweetening Units
Muhammad Rizwan Tariq - Saudi Aramco

Vent Gas Mercury Vapor Capture through Application of Ozonated Mercury Abatement Packing (OMAP)
Brian Benn Leslie Morrison, Catherine Hillard - Calpine Corporation

How about Capturing CO2 and Generating H2 via Advanced Sulfur Recover Technology in this Energy Transition Era
Denny Li, Marcus Weber, Thomas K. Chow - Flour Energy Solutions

Controlling Soot in Sulfur Recovery and Tail Gas Treating Units by Applying Foulant Analysis, Materials, and Methods Adapted from Hydroprocessing
Marianne Hensel, Austin Schneider - Crystaphase Products, Inc.

Mitigation of dithiazine fouling in oxygenate/methanol removal process in a NGL plant
Jay Corwin, Javier Gonzales, Greg, Yu, Xiomara Price, Noah Weiss, Rich Irwin, Reese Times, Hitesh Bagaria - Veolia Water Technologies and Solutions