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LRGCC Abstract Submissions

Abstract Submission Guidelines

The LRGCC Advisory Committee encourages original papers that have not been previously published. If your paper was published, but you feel the topic is important enough to be considered by the Committee, please make a note of where and when the paper has been previously published at the bottom of your abstract submission. We ask that interested individuals and organizations submit a 500-word abstract and complete the information below.

Selection and determination of abstracts for the LRGCC will be made in September. Authors will be notified by their Sponsor, on the outcome of the selection process.

Please submit abstracts at or email Lily Martinez at

When evaluating abstracts and developing the conference program, the Advisory Committee gives preference to papers:

  • presenting actual operating data
  • describing actual operating experience
  • describing innovative—and implemented—solutions to widespread problems
  • presenting actual capital and/or operating cost information
  • not previously presented in a public forum
  • with minimal commercial content

License To Publish LRGCC Technical Papers

Please submit your abstract using the form below. You can also submit your abstract by emailing Lily Martinez at