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Hospitality Suites

The Hospitality Suites are a separate, private space not directly part of the University or the LRGCC itself. Hospitality suites are located at the same venue/location and LRGCC attendees are invited to attend for further networking and discussions. Hospitality Suites can be booked through the NCED Conference Center and Hotel by contacting the Sales Manager, Justin Noel at 405-443-0726 or emailing at  All food and beverage (including alcohol) must be obtained through the NCED.

Hospitality Policy

The LRGCC has instituted a number of common sense entertainment rules that are designed to promote the serious purpose of this conference. The principal requirements applicable to conference entertainment are: 

  • Hospitality rooms are to remain closed during any scheduled conference functions.
  • Private parties in excess of 40 persons are not permitted during the conference dates.
  • All participants from the hosting organization must also be paid registrants of the conference.
  • Hosts of Hospitality Suites may have displays in their suites, but these must be approved prior to the conference and be safe and of reasonable size. The display request will be reviewed by the Program Director, Program Chair and Program Vice Chair for approval.

All attendees are the guests of the University of Oklahoma and will, by default, be looked upon as role models by the student body. Consequently, a certain minimum standard of decorum by all attendees is expected. The LRGCC requests that the companies hosting the hospitality suites use discretion when serving alcoholic beverages.