69th Annual Laurance Reid
Gas Conditioning Conference


Fundamentals Paper Selected

Fundamentals of Gas Sweetening - Amine Treating 
Al Keller, Bart Welch, Pierre Crevier, Robert Veroba – Chevron and Huntsman

Papers Selected for Presentation

Troubleshooting MEG Carryover in a Canadian Gas Plant 
William R. Acevedo Lopez, Daniel Stevens, Morgan Rhode - Shell; Bill Chu - Dehydration Experts

Factors Influencing the Location and Magnitude of Temperature Bulges in Amine Contactors 
Kyle Ross, Luke Addington, Dale Harper – Bryan Research and Engineering, LLC 

Amine Regenerator Control 
Pedro L. Ott, Clayton E. Jones, Ralph H. Weiland – Optimized Gas Treating, Inc. 

Banyu Urip Journey from Start Up to Successfully Operate Acid Gas Treatment Facilities 
Puti R. Anisa, Lukman Tanzil, Sutrisno Kaswan, Ahmad Muslih Sugiharto, Syamsul Bahri – ExxonMobil Cepu Limited (EMCL) 

Why Sulphur Plants Plug 
Gerald Bohme – Sulphur Experts, Inc. 

Strategies for Short-term H2S Removal 
Carrie Beitler, Darryl Mamrosh, Ken McIntush, Duane Myers, Darshan Sachde, Brett Keys – Trimeric Corporation 

A New Era in Sulfur Degassing - We Have Touchdown 
Brandon Forbes, Al Keller – CSI-Ametek 

How Much CO2 Removal Is Enough for NGL Recovery? (Revisited) 
Hank M. Hudson, Daryl R. Jensen, Adebola (Bola) T. Oyedeji, Amy Claire Howard – Honeywell UOP 

The Balancing Act of Technology Selection Within a Natural Gas Plant 
Karen Hanlon Kinsberg, Jan Willem Hennipman, Marco van Son– Jacobs Comprimo Sulfur Solutions 

UCARSOL Hybrid Solvents: Formulated Hybrid Solvents Tailored for Organic Sulfur Removal Applications 
John R. Dowdle, Jason Binz, Nick Shurgott, Megan Robb, James Robb – Dow Chemical 

Vapor Control Solutions for Upstream Oil and Gas Production 
Ray McKaskle, Kevin Fisher, Andrew Sexton – Trimeric Corporation 

A More Efficient and Effective Iron-Based H2S Scavenger
Chad Dainty, Mike Callaway – H2SZERO 

War Stories From the Foaming Front 
David Engel, Ben Spooner, Michael Sheilan – Nexo Solutions and Sulphur Experts 

Testing the Latest Evolution in Vapor Recovery Technology
Michael McMahon, Frank Mecheli – EcoVapor Recovery Systems 

Factors Affecting Claus Waste Heat Boiler Design and Operation 
Elmo Nasato, Simon Weiland, Nate Hatcher – Nasato Consulting, Ltd. 

Posters Selected for Presentation

AGAT: Get Ahead in Acid Gas Treating. From Laboratory and Pilot Tests to Industrial Demonstration 
Julien Grandjean, Aurélie Wender, Abdelkader Lettat, Marie Dehlinger, John Roesler, Sébastien Gonnard, Vincent Carlier – IFP Energies nouvelles 

Selecting the Appropriate Gas Treatment Technology for Jazan Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle 
Mohammad Al Haji – Aramco Saudi Arabia