69th Annual Laurance Reid
Gas Conditioning Conference


Fundamentals Paper Selected

Fundamentals of Gas Sweetening - Amine Treating 
Al Keller, Bart Welch, Pierre Crevier, Robert Veroba – Chevron and Huntsman

Papers Selected for Presentation

Troubleshooting MEG Carryover in a Canadian Gas Plant 
William R. Acevedo Lopez, Daniel Stevens, Morgan Rhode - Shell; Bill Chu - Dehydration Experts

War Stories From the Foaming Front 
David Engel, Ben Spooner, Michael Sheilan – Nexo Solutions and Sulphur Experts 

How Much CO2 Removal Is Enough for NGL Recovery? (Revisited) 
Hank M. Hudson, Daryl R. Jensen, Adebola (Bola) T. Oyedeji, Amy Claire Howard – Honeywell UOP 

Factors Influencing the Location and Magnitude of Temperature Bulges in Amine Contactors 
Kyle Ross, Luke Addington, Dale Harper – Bryan Research and Engineering, LLC 

The Balancing Act of Technology Selection Within a Natural Gas Plant 
Karen Hanlon Kinsberg, Jan Willem Hennipman, Marco van Son– Jacobs Comprimo Sulfur Solutions 

Factors Affecting Claus Waste Heat Boiler Design and Operation 
Elmo Nasato, Nathan A. Hatcher, G. Simon A. Weiland, Steven M. Fulk– Nasato Consulting, Ltd. 

Banyu Urip Journey to Successfully Start Up and Operate Acid Gas Treatment Unit
Puti R. Anisa, Ahmad Muslih Sugiharto, Sutrisno Kaswan, Lukman Tanzil, Syamsul Bahrii– ExxonMobil Cepu Limited (EMCL) 

A New Era in Sulfur Degassing - We Have Touchdown 
Brandon Forbes, Al Keller – CSI-Ametek 

Why Sulphur Plants Plug 
Gerald Bohme – Sulphur Experts, Inc. 

UCARSOL Hybrid Solvents: Formulated Hybrid Solvents Tailored for Organic Sulfur Removal Applications 
John R. Dowdle, Jason Binz, Nick Shurgott, Megan Robb, James Robb – Dow Chemical 

Amine Regenerator Control 
Pedro L. Ott, Clayton E. Jones, Ralph H. Weiland – Optimized Gas Treating, Inc. 

Vapor Control Solutions for Upstream Oil and Gas Production 
Ray McKaskle, Kevin Fisher  – Trimeric Corporation 

"Capturing" the Tank Vapor Opportunity: Removing Oxygen from the Production Stream Reduces Emissions and Generates Incremental Economics
Michael McMahon  – EcoVapor Recovery Systems 

A More Efficient and Effective Iron-Based H2S Scavenger
Chad Dainty, Mike Callaway – H2SZERO 

Strategies for Short-term H2S Removal 
Carrie Beitler, Darryl Mamrosh, Ken McIntush, Duane Myers, Darshan Sachde, Brett Keys – Trimeric Corporation 

Posters Selected for Presentation

AGAT: Get Ahead in Acid Gas Treating. From Laboratory and Pilot Tests to Industrial Demonstration 
Julien Grandjean, Aurélie Wender, Abdelkader Lettat, Marie Dehlinger, John Roesler, Sébastien Gonnard, Vincent Carlier – IFP Energies nouvelles 

Selecting the Appropriate Gas Treatment Technology for Jazan Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle 
Mohammad Al Haji – Aramco Saudi Arabia