Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference


69th Annual Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference

February 25-28, 2019, University of Oklahoma - Norman, Oklahoma

The Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference (LRGCC) has been presented by the University of Oklahoma since 1951. The LRGCC has gained a worldwide reputation as the principal forum for new ideas, developments, and operations for preparing and purifying natural gases and other fuels for market.

The LRGCC is a crucial conference for all professionals involved in the gas processing, gas conditioning, and gas sweetening industries. The materials presented provide information on technological advances, case studies, theoretical breakthroughs, and current research in the field. 

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Typical subjects covered at the conference include

  • Gas Conditioning Fundamentals
  • CO2 and H2S removal Technologies
  • Amine Sweetening
  • Tail Gas Cleanup
  • Sulfur Recovery Units
  • Dehydration
  • Gas Plant Design Best Practices
  • Corrosion
  • Troubleshooting and startup case studies
  • Introduction of new technologies

In Memoriam - Charles Perry

OU Extended Campus is saddened to share the news that alumnus Charles R. Perry died July 12. Perry received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from OU in 1951. During his time at OU, he studied under legendary gas experts professor Laurence Reid, Dr. John Campbell and Dr. R.L. Huntington. He served as a committee member for the Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference from 1972-1986. Perry was an icon in his field, recognized worldwide for his expertise in gas treating, gas processing and gas gathering and transmission. Perry wrote more than 25 technical papers, including “Amine Gas Treating, 101,” published in 2015. Much of the information in that publication was written in 1973 in a paper called “Fundamentals of Gas Treating.” It was first presented by Perry and V. Wayne Jones, with  Perry Gas Companies Inc., at LRGCC. Several updated versions of the paper were presented in following years in the basic sessions of the LRGCC.