When you choose the University of Oklahoma as your university, you will receive an education of a lifetime!

A degree from the University of Oklahoma symbolizes a high-quality education, and OU's dedication to excellence is recognized both nationally and internationally. Extended Campus North America and Europe programs offer master's degree programs in the continental U.S., Hawaii, and Europe as well as a doctorate degree in Europe.

Courses are delivered around the world to military personnel, civil service personnel, and non-traditional students.

Today, thousands of men and women have completed their degrees through University of Oklahoma's Extended Campus North America and Europe programs.

Extended Campus North America and Europe were established in May 1964 as part of the University’s continuing education and public service commitment. Funded by student enrollments under the 1958 Government Employees Manpower Act and with the support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the University of Oklahoma pioneered the intensive seminar teaching format specifically for the military/adult learner.

Today, thousands of men and women have completed their master’s degrees at locations worldwide through the unique scheduling format offered by Extended Campus North America and Europe.

Courses offered today include advanced class preparation and one-week or two-weekend class sessions. In all aspects, except for the accelerated format, OU Extended Campus courses are identical to their counterparts taught on OU’s Norman campus.