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Interim Dean Gregg Garn

Interim Dean Gregg GarnGregg Garn, Ph.D., is the interim dean of the College of Professional and Continuing Studies and the vice president of online learning at the University of Oklahoma. As vice president of online learning, Garn leads online programming for the Norman, Health Sciences, and Tulsa campuses. Partnering with faculty leaders in every college, OU Online has made the university more accessible to learners at a distance. With more than 20 years of leadership experience at the university, state, and national levels, Garn is equipped to take online learning to the next level at the University of Oklahoma. 

Garn believes in the importance of connecting students at a distance to the University of Oklahoma. He cares deeply about students, faculty, and staff and aims to provide a high-quality experience for those he serves by acting on strategic initiatives and prioritizing academic excellence.  

Garn received his bachelor’s degree in history and education from the University of Northern Iowa. He received his master’s degree in social and philosophical foundations of education and his doctoral degree in educational leadership and policy studies, both from Arizona State University. For the past 24 years, he has served in various capacities at the University of Oklahoma. Prior to his current roles, he was dean of the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education. He held the Humphreys Chair in Education and is a past recipient of the Linda Clarke Anderson Presidential Professorship. Garn is OU’s faculty athletic representative for the Big 12 and NCAA, focused on student-athlete welfare and academic integrity. 

In addition, Garn serves as the executive director of the K20 Center for Educational and Community Renewal. The K20 Center has secured research grants from federal, state, and private funders focused on improving educational outcomes for Oklahoma K-12 students. Garn is also the past president of CADREI, the national college of education dean’s association, and in 2017, he was recognized by the American Association of University Administrators with the MacVittie Emerging Leader Award. 

Garn enjoys running, biking, and golfing, along with spending time with his family and two dogs, Buddy and Sam. He and his wife, Jen, a pharmacist at OU’s Goddard Health Services, have three children, Katy, Dylan, and Ally.