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The Princeton Review ranks OU top in the nation in terms of academic excellence and cost. OU also ranks in the Top 10 Best Online Colleges for 2019 by U.S. News & World Report.

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OU Extended Campus is best characterized by the populations it serves, as well as the specialized programming it offers. Primarily focusing on the higher education needs of place-bound working adults, military-connected personnel and those seeking specialized study in selected professional areas, OU Extended Campus offers a variety of degrees at both graduate and undergraduate levels, including several programs offered collaboratively with other OU colleges. To facilitate understanding of the complex world in which we live and building on its historical roots, OU Extended Campus emphasizes a holistic approach to learning, focuses on the immediate application of learning to one’s life and work, promotes lifelong learning opportunities and encourages the work of active citizenship.

Extending Academic Excellence Within Your Reach

OU Extended Campus has been providing quality education since 1961, advancing new knowledge, contributing to research and enabling creative expression no matter where our students are located. Sooners who earn their degrees online or at a distance develop unique ways of understanding, experiencing and applying their education that often lead to success and advancement in their career.

Successful Students, Graduates and Alumni

The best way to understand OU Extended Campus is to look at our students. They are leaders in organizations, workplaces and the military. They manage everyday commitments and adult responsibilities, balancing work, family and education. Each of our students brings a wealth of unique life experiences and professional qualifications to their educational experience, enriching the learning environment not only for themselves but also for their peers in their courses. As OU Extended Campus graduates, these Sooners harness the comprehensive skillset gained during their education which informs exceptional work and community service.


"The University of Oklahoma has a long history of educating learners at a distance. OU Extended Campus extends the OU campus across the nation and around the world. As Dean, I look forward to furthering our reach and our reputation for excellence in education."

Martha Banz, PhD
Dean, OU Extended Campus

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