In Search of the Great Depression and New Deal

OU’s First Dream Course with OLLI

Every semester the University of Oklahoma offers a Presidential Dream Course, which is just as it sounds – a course funded by OU President David L. Boren and taught by the University’s best faculty.

By Chris Elliott, Director 

This fall one of the Dream Courses being offered is In Search of the Great Depression and New Deal and taught by Keith Gaddie and David Wrobel. Gaddie is a professor and department chair in political science and Wrobel is a Professor History.

This course will look at the Great Depression of the 1930s and how it transformed both the relationship between the national government and its citizens and the physical landscape of the nation through massive public works projects.

“This Dream Course really will have it all,” said Keith Gaddie. “It will meet all semester, include traditional OU students and OLLI students, guest speakers, and even a film series.”

OLLI members will attend the regular sessions with traditional students for 16 weeks, they will also attend five sessions with just OLLI members with Dr. Gaddie and Dr. Wrobel along with guest speakers, including David Levy. Dr. Levy is a professor emeritus in history and the author of two volumes of the history of the University of Oklahoma. OLLI members may remember a course he offered a few years ago on Mark Twain and his involvement in the President’s Day of Learning.

No other OLLI course in the history of the program has offered such a diverse schedule – and that’s saying something considering the courses held over the last several years.

This will truly be a unique experience and we encourage as many OLLI members to attend as Dream Courses are a one-time offering.


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