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OLLI at OU Programs


There are challenging courses, but also courses that are just fun to take. Our faculty comes from music, art, science, journalism and religion, among many other disciplines, not to mention the community around us.

At OLLI at OU, we want to offer the best, most varied slate of classes we can to the largest number of participants possible. We give all of our participants an opportunity to learn—and that process takes place not only by lectures and presentations, but also from the participants’ discussions, as well.

Courses are offered in both presentation and lecture formats, and cover a variety of topics.


Senior Seminars

Senior Seminars are noncredit courses that run from four to six week long. Classes meet for about two hours each time and cover a variety of topics such as Global Jazz, Origins of Christianity, and Documentaries with a Twist. Get out of the house, interact with others and enjoy these enriching courses led by some of OU’s top professors.

Learn more about Senior Seminars and find listings upcoming classes.


Mornings with the Professor

Mornings with the Professor is an informal lecture series held Tuesday mornings. You can sign up for one or more offerings each semester. Come and get a cup of coffee, and enjoy a morning of entertainment and educational interaction led by some of OU’s most engaging instructors.

Learn more about Mornings with the Professor and find listings for upcoming classes.