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Two-day Courses

Course One: Engine Emission Optimization

Patrick Clophus, WPI 

This course will focus on the performance of the engine and emission options and settings.

  • Engine Emissions Basics
  • Catalytic Converter Application and Maintenance
  • Gaseous Fuels
  • Regulations Overview
  • Mass Emissions Calculations
  • Estimating Engine Horsepower
  • Air Fuel Ratio Controllers
  • Portable Emissions Analyzers
  • WPI Emissions Software

Course Two: Compressor and Engine Performance and Operation

Jeff Stover, Kyle Hermberg, Ariel Corporation; Ken Hall, Caterpillar

NOTE: All students are required to bring their laptop for this course. Your instructor will email you with further instructions before the start of your class.


  • Capacity Control
  • Ariel Performance Program Overview
  • Compressor Operation Considerations
  • Initial Compressor Selection
  • Calculating Predicted Performance
  • Selection of Compressor Options
  • Using "Ariel 7" as a troubleshooting tool


  • Gas overview
  • Detonation and fuel treatment
  • Gas engine fuel systems
  • Gas site rating evaluation overview
  • Ambient-based ratings
  • Ancillary site systems (cooling and emissions)
  •  Gas Engine Rating Pro (GERP) tool demo

Course Three: Caterpillar Engines

Warren CAT instructor instructor, Marshall Rogers, Warren CAT

  • General Gas Engine Basics
  • General Discussion of Emissions
  • Caterpillar Gas Engine Family
  • Caterpillar Gas Engine New Features
  • Engine Selection and Installation Considerations
  • Engine Sizing Tools and Supporting Literature

Course Four: Centrifugal Compressors

Michael Clay, Solar Turbines, Inc.

  • Safety Moment
  • Solar Package Overview
  • Gas Turbine Engine
  • Start System
  • Oil Lubrication System
  • Fuel System
  • SoLoNOx
  • Operational Sequencing
  • Service and Maningtenance Practices
  • Technical Question/Answer Session
  • Customer Service Review
  • Fleet Management / InSight System