Criminal Justice

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Deadline: December 10

Classes Begin:  January 14

Credit Hours: 120

Delivery: Online**

**Onsite courses are offered, but it depends on location enrollment.

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Serving the Law and the Common Good

Laws exist to keep us safe and protect our rights. Those in the criminal justice field work to make society a better place by ensuring these laws are upheld and that we are protected. The OU Extended Campus Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice arms current and future public servants with the skills and knowledge necessary to face the evolving, real-world issues in the law enforcement field.

About the Criminal Justice Program

Criminal Justice professionals today have to be polished community builders, communicators, problems solvers, and public relations experts. Our Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice explores criminal justice as it relates to police, courts, and the corrections system, giving you a solid understanding of law enforcement issues. You’ll build leadership and conflict resolution skills, and leave the program prepared to confront challenges efficiently and professionally.

About the Minor in Criminal Justice

The Minor in Criminal Justice is a 15-hour program that can be completed 100% online. You’ll take four core courses – Police and Policing, American Judicial Processes, the American Correctional System and Theories of Criminal Behavior – and one criminal justice elective of your choice. Visit with your advisor if you think this program is for you.

Why add a Minor in Criminal Justice?

Understanding crime and the criminal justice system offers an advantage in career fields that intersect with law enforcement, such as sociology, social work and politics.

The OU Extended Campus Minor in Criminal Justice allows students in other undergraduate programs at OU to explore the issues of crime, law and the criminal justice system, emphasizing courts, criminal procedure, corrections and emerging issues and trends in law enforcement. You’ll get a solid understanding of the criminal justice system by studying theories in policing, criminal behavior, American judicial processes and the American correctional system.

The minor is a great complement if you’re majoring in administrative leadership, forensic science, political science or law.

What to Expect

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is a fast-paced, accelerated program designed to accommodate working adults. When you are admitted into the program, you will be assigned an advisor who creates an individualized graduation plan. This plan will help organize and identify the courses you need for your degree.

Once you’re admitted to the program, you can choose from four concentration areas—Homeland Security, Restorative Justice, Administrative Leadership, and Investigations and Intelligence Analysis—that will allow you to specialize the focus of your studies.

Degree Topics:

  • Deviance and social control
  • Statistics in criminal justice
  • Ethics
  • Drugs and society
  • Comparative justice systems
  • Introduction to forensic science

Manageable Accelerated Courses

All undergraduate courses in this program are eight weeks long. Most students choose to take four courses (or 12 credit hours) a semester; two courses the first half of the semester and two courses the second half of the semester. The number of credit hours you take each semester should be discussed with your advisor and reflective of your personal and work schedules—these courses are fast paced and intensive.

Depending on how many credit hours you transfer from another institution, along with the number of courses you take each semester, this program can be completed in as little as 18 months. The majority of students complete the program in two to three years.


Access program content and contribute to class discussions on your own schedule and at your own pace each week.


Request an evaluation of academic transcripts and applicable training (military and law enforcement) applying.


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