Bachelor of Arts in Aviation

Professional Pilot and Aviation Management-Flying applicants to the School of Aviation Studies must meet all standard University of Oklahoma admission requirements.  University admission does not guarantee a flight slot.  Due to the unique and rigorous nature of both concentrations, flight slot placement is competitive*.   It is recommended to apply as early as possible.  

All Professional Pilot and Aviation Management-Flying applicants must complete the One Stop process with either the Director, Chief Flight Instructor, or other designated representative.  

*A maximum of 75 new Professional Pilot and Aviation Management-Flying admits can be given flight slots per academic school year.  Flight slot progression is performance based. Failure to make satisfactory progress with your flight progression places you at the bottom of the wait list for the year.  Priority will be given to those who have yet to have the opportunity to progress.  Short-notice slotting may occur and repeated unsuccessful attempts to place a student in an available flight slot will result in that student being placed at the bottom of the waitlist for the year.  The School of Aviation Studies expects its flight majors to complete the flight course within the framework of the semester of initial enrollment.

Quick Facts

Delivery: Onsite

Credit Hours: 125

Aviation Management - Non Flying and Air Traffic Management

  • Application Deadline: February 1
  • Next Session: Fall 2020