Veterans Affairs is working to implement changes to ensure students continue to receive their education benefits even if they are part of a program that has changed from resident training to online training.

There is no action required from a GI Bill student. VA has scheduled several training sessions with all VA-approved schools and training facilities over the next couple of days to provide further guidance. We will work closely with schools to ensure enrollments are accurately certified and processed timely.

Up-to-date information from the VA


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Rachel Meyer, Assistant Director

Loan Deferment Request:

OU Extended Campus Records and Registration
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Phone: (405) 325-1021
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MHR Program Information

Financial aid is only available for coursework in the Masters of Human Relations (MHR) Standard degree program up to 36 credit hours or degree completion, whichever comes first. Federal Regulation prohibits funding students who are pursuing licensure or seeking certification in this program. For the Clinical and Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) degree, aid is available up to 60 credit hours.

Only courses in degree-seeking programs may receive aid.

For more information on the MHR and CMHC degree, please contact  Non-Traditional Financial Aid.

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