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9th - 12th Grade Programs

During the school year, Precollegiate Programs offers ACT and PSAT preparation courses for students seeking help with the layout and problems of both tests. The ACT preparation courses each fall one week before the national test, which helps students to not forget the information they learned in the preparation courses.

Precollegiate Programs also offers a three-day Model United Nations of the Southwest conference. This conference focuses on international politics. The conference allows students to discuss, debate, and resolve political, cultural, and humanitarian issues.

During the summer months, Precollegiate Programs offers summer academies that are free to accepted students. Students will have the opportunity to explore campus and use the University’s classrooms and laboratories.

All camps require students to complete an application, including a 250-word essay and two letters of recommendation.



Geology Summer Academy

Students will have a rich experience in human’s interactions with geologic processes that provide critical connections among the STEM fields and societal issues that they will likely face either in their future careers, or as citizens.

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Architecture Summer Academy

Students will explore the disciplines in The University of Oklahoma’s College of Architecture.  The academy will introduce students to an interdisciplinary study of the built environment by incorporating the disciplines of Architecture, Interior Design, and Construction Science.

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Meteorology Summer Academy

Students will learn about atmospheric interactions from fronts to thunderstorm development, how data are collected, and how to analyze weather maps.

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