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Tracks and Agenda

Corrosion Control Course Tracks

Participants can choose one of the two tracks (External Corrosion and Internal Corrosion and Coatings) to attend throughout the conference. Those wishing to receive a Certificate of Completion will be required to participate in the entire track. This level of certificate indicates the recipient has expanded his/her knowledge base or skill level, indicating that the recipient has fully participated in and completed the Corrosion Control Course.

External Corrosion Track 

  • DC Interference - Adam Johnston, Highridge Corrosion Services
  • CP for Complete Facilities - Adam Johnston, Highridge Corrosion Services
  • Field Experience Review - Larry Tatum, Consultant                                                   
  • Soil Side Corrosion Control for Above Ground Storage tanks “What are the options?” - James Carter, BASS Engineering
  • AC Mitigation - Matt Myers, Pond Engineering
  • CP Equipment Review - Herb Jones, BK Corrosion
  • Deep Anode Bed Design - Josh Johnston, Matcor
  • Rectifier Training - Seth Meaders, JA Electronics
  • RMU Training - Don Olson, Mobiltex
  • Linear Anode Bed Design - Josh Johnston, Matcor

Internal Corrosion and Coatings Track 

  • Internal Corrosion Monitoring & Treatment - Josh Rogers, Williams
  • Under Deposit Corrosion in Gas PL - Ty Dixon, Energy Transfer
  • Internal Corrosion Monitoring & Mitigation - David Wint, Champion X
  • Localized Guided Wave Ultrasound - Tim Fredrick, SoniTech NDT
  • Coating Assessments - Rick Sage, Southern Star
  • Pigging Program Development & Implementation 101 – Alan Morton, R.B. Williamson Energy Advisors
  • Surface Preparations - John Glass, Monti Power