OLLI Senior Seminars for February 2022

OLLI Senior Seminars for February 2022

OLLI has filled its February 2022 Senior Seminar schedule with 11 new courses to get you through the frosty days to come in this winter season.

February courses will take place either in-person or online via Zoom and will explore topics in art, film, health, political science, science and technology. Our courses are led by some of OU’s top professors and typically run for four to six weeks, meeting for two hours at a time. Each course offers adult learners an open and welcoming learning environment, where they can engage with fun, educational and inspiring concepts with people of a similar age.

OLLI courses tend to fill up quickly, and many are known to sell out, so be sure to sign up soon to reserve your spot. For information about course availability, please contact OLLI directly at (405) 325-3488.

February 2022 Senior Seminars

Celebrating Women Filmmakers

Betty Robbins

Tuesdays | Feb. 1-March 8

1-4 p.m.


In 1987, 116 Hollywood directors saw their films on screen. Of that number, only 16 were women filmmakers. Today, 35 years later and in the Academy’s 93-year history, only two women have won the Golden Statue for directing: Kathryn Bigelow (2008) and Chloe Zhao (2021). Two! Zhao is the only woman of color to win.

While the names Shonda Rhimes, Polly Platt, Nora Ephron, Jane Campion, Penny Marshall and Agnieszka Holland may be familiar to us, the names of filmmakers Kasi Lemmons, Mary Lambert, Debra Granik, Kimberly Peirce, Dee Rees, Julie Dash, Niki Caro and Beeban Kidron are lesser-known.

This course will screen six films of differing genres from contemporary women filmmakers, plus clips from pioneer women filmmakers of silent films and the earliest talkies, like Alice Guy Blache, Lois Weber and Dorothy Arzner.


Understanding Medical Terminology

Timothy Jones

Wednesdays | Feb. 2-23

3-4:30 p.m.


Do you need to deal with medical terminology regularly, but find it confusing? This class will introduce you to some basic word parts (prefixes, suffixes, roots) used to form medical terms. Pronunciation practice will be included through examining and interpreting some sample medical records. Additional resources for learning more about medical terminology will also be discussed in class.


OLLI Discussion Group

Group Lead

Wednesdays | Feb. 2-June 29

10-11:30 a.m.


The discussion group will meet weekly on Wednesday mornings for OLLI members who would like to share their ideas, feelings and concerns about what’s going on in our world. The purpose is fellowship and learning together through sharing concerns and ideas, while responding to others’ initiation of other ideas. This is not your typical OLLI course led by a faculty member. YOU become the leaders and decide what to talk about.


Drawing the Natural World

Kylie Anderson

Fridays | Feb. 4-March 11

10 a.m.-Noon


In this course, students will practice drawing the natural world from direct observation, with the option to reference photographs. Students will learn methods for drawing plants, landscapes and animals. They will practice depicting the variation and repetition within organic materials and use atmospheric perspective to create an illusion of distance. All drawings can be completed with pencil and paper, with the option to integrate charcoal, ink or other drawing materials you have available.


Everyday Forensics

Rhonda Williams

Mondays | Feb. 7-28

10-11:30 a.m.


This course will show the different disciplines in forensic science (toxicology, DNA, firearms, fingerprints, digital evidence) and how forensic scientists use this evidence to solve crimes. We will discuss different court cases in the field and the types of evidence used to convict.


Current Issues in Education in Oklahoma

Cal Hobson, Leslie Hobson

Mondays | Feb. 7-28

1-3:30 p.m.


Everyone knows education in Oklahoma is under-funded and overgrown with issues. In this course, we will take a close look at public schools, private charters and independent private schools by diving headfirst into all the issues:

• How is curriculum established and approved?
• Funding
• Legislative and Executive branch opinions and inputs
• Pros and cons of each form of educational opportunities

Each session will include special guests such as teachers, parents, administrators, lawmakers and investors. Join sibling duo Cal and Leslie (a former public-school teacher) Hobson as they lead you through all the ins and outs and ups and downs of education in the great state of Oklahoma


Women in Intelligence

Chris Sartorius

Wednesdays | Feb. 9-March 9*

1-3 p.m.


*Class will not meet Feb. 16.

Women have played a significant, critical role in intelligence, yet many of their incredible stories are not well known. This course will examine how women have contributed to U.S. intelligence success from World War II to the present.

We will discover: 1) how women were instrumental in covert operations and 2) in collecting, processing and analyzing technical intelligence during World War II, 3) how women have performed critical counter-intelligence work to crack some of the most difficult cases to hunt enemy espionage agents in the U.S. government and 4) how women have conducted painstaking intelligence analysis to track down high-value individuals in the Global War on Terror.

Join us for this fascinating course highlighting the positive role women have played in the history of U.S. Intelligence and how they continue to contribute to America’s national security.

For OLLI members unable to join in-person, this class will be recorded, and the video will be disseminated to everyone registered. Dr. Sartorius will also hold office hours on Zoom to answer questions and discuss the course with OLLI members.


Introduction to Android OS

Tomika Cox

Fridays | Feb. 11-March 4

10-11:30 a.m.


This course will go over Android basics, including device/account set up, navigation buttons and gestures, notifications and quick settings and customizations. This course is intended for those new to the Android OS or for those who currently own an Android, but would like to learn about additional features of the system to gain more familiarity with their device. Hands-on participation is encouraged!


Your Truth, My Truth: A Study of Relativism

Clint Roberts

Wednesdays | Feb. 16-March 9

10:30 a.m.-Noon


It is popular today to say, “you do you” or to speak of “my truth.” This suggests relativism as a person’s approach to the “truth” of which he or she speaks, not just in subjective realms like musical taste, but in areas usually thought to be more objective, like science. It gets most contentious in areas like ethics, religion and politics. Is relativism a better, more tolerant approach? Can it really even work as a guide in the real world?


U.S.-Russia Relations

Robert Andrew

Wednesdays | Feb. 16-March 9

9:30-11:30 a.m.


Please note: This class will meet on Zoom on Feb. 16, with the remainder of the sessions held in-person.

This course is designed to provide an overview of U.S.-Russia relations over the past 200+ years with an in-depth look at Cold War tensions and the contentious relationship since the “re-emergence” of Russia from the post-Soviet morass in the Putin era. We will look in-depth at various attempts to “reset” the relationship from the end of the Cold War to the Trump and Biden administrations. Even if Russia no longer dominates American foreign policy as the Soviet Union did, the relationship has once again become a frequent and usually troublesome topic, with Russian meddling in the 2016 and 2020 U.S. elections, allegations of improper “collusion” with Russia and the Trump administration, cyberattacks, etc.


Fundamentals of iOS

Jeremy Hessman

Thursdays | Feb. 17-March 24

9:30-11:30 a.m.


This course will give users a basic understanding of iOS settings and programs such as contacts, email, messages, camera and photos. Users will also be able to better customize and navigate their phone.

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