Tuition and Hourly Mandatory Fees

Per Credit HourTuitionMandatory Hourly FeesTotal


Military/Homeland Security Tuition and Hourly Mandatory Fees*

Per Credit Hour TuitionTotal
Military/Homeland Security Resident159.60362.45
Military/Homeland Security Non-Resident 672.30362.45​​​​​​​  After Military Waiver


Mandatory Hourly Fees

These fees are charged per credit hour taken each semester.

Connectivity Fee17.50
Assessment Fee1.25
Academic Excellence Fees39.10
Library Excellence Fee12.50
International Programs Fee (Undergraduates only).50
OU Extended Campus Fee40.00
Records Fee2.00
Academic Excellence Fee90.00


*Military and Homeland Security: All non-resident students desiring a military or Homeland Security Law Enforcement (HSLE) tuition and fee waiver must submit evidence of military or HSLE affiliation before enrollment. All military and HSLE tuition and fee waivers may only be applied to OU Extended Campus courses after the official Add/Drop period for each term for eligible students. Please refer to the information and list of students eligible for the Military and Homeland Security Law Enforcement. The non-resident military tuition and fee waiver does not apply to courses offered anywhere else at the University of Oklahoma.

The non-resident military and HSLE tuition and fee waiver does not apply to courses offered by any of the other Colleges at the University of Oklahoma.

Flat-Rate Tuition: Enrollment in courses not managed by the College of Professional and Continuing Studies will fall under Flat-Rate Tuition. See the Office of the Bursar for more information.


All tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.