The language assessment (FLRA) waives the general language requirement for students who are already competent in oral, reading, and written skills in another language at or above the intermediate level. 

It does NOT provide academic credit.  The assessment is only used to waive the general education language requirements on your degree plan.

*PLEASE NOTE:  For languages NOT offered in the Modern Languages Department, there is NO guarantee of an approved examiner to administer the exam. 


How much does the exam cost
The price of the assessment is $100 for any student wishing to waive the language requirement in ANY language for which we have an examiner available.  The assessment must be paid for first before an appointment can be scheduled.  Please click on the “Schedule Exam” button on the left-hand navigation side of this page.

How do I schedule the FLRA
Once payment has been made, the Testing Center staff will reach out to the examiner of the chosen language who will reach out to student to schedule.  The FLRA form will be sent to the examiner so they can fill out and return to the Testing Center who will then process with your academic adviser.

Who should pursue an FLRA interview/form?
Students who are competent speakers of a foreign language whose level is likely to be higher than the intermediate level in speaking, reading, and writing and are seeking to satisfy their general education language requirement.

What if I have questions?  
For students who wish to waive the language requirement and have questions, please contact Tina Henderson at