DSST offers 37 Internet-based exams in the areas of social sciences, business, humanities, applied technology, physical sciences, and mathematics. College credit may be awarded for both lower and upper division courses.

DSST/DANTES exams cost $135. Two payments are required:

  1. $100 payment to DSST/DANTES (payable with credit card only).
  2. $35 payment to the University of Oklahoma (payable with debit or credit cards).

All DSST/DANTES exams may NOT apply to your particular degree program, so be certain to check with your advisor before taking a DSST/DANTES exam.  A list of exams can be found here.  Please note that the CIDL Testing Center can not administer the Public Speaking exam.

For more information on the DSST/DANTES program, please click here.

Appointments can be made by clicking the "Schedule Exams" button on the left-side navigation.

Military Servicemembers

Exam fees are covered for eligible military service members. Service members who are self-funding their exam may be eligible for program promotions and discounts. Active Duty and Reserve Service Members: refer to the DSST Funding Guide;Veterans: visit theVA Website.

About the DSST credit-by-exam program

DSST prior-learning exams offer students a quick and easy way to earn college credit. With more than 30 exam titles to choose from, these exams shorten the pathway to graduation while reducing college costs. There are over 1900 institutions across the country that participate in our program.