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Registration and Scheduling

Please register for your CLEP exam at College Board. Please remember to print out your registration ticket and bring with you the day of the exam. The OU-CIDL Testing Center is located at 300 Kellogg Dr., Room 140, Norman, Oklahoma.

To schedule a date and time to take your CLEP exam, please click on the "Schedule Exams" link to the left and provide the necessary information below:

  • $35 fee (debit or credit card only) 
  • CLEP Exam Registration Ticket

When you come to test, please bring a valid govenment issued ID and also your CLEP exam registration ticket. 

Note: The CLEP exam fee will be $90 which is paid for at the College Board website.  OU only accepts the SPANISH LANGUAGE I and II not the Writing exam.

CLEP testing will continue to be free for eligible military service members, spouses, and civilian employees (see eligibility details).   

Restrictions for OU Students

  • OU only accepts the first score.
  • Students may not take a CLEP exam in a course in which they are enrolled after add/drop period.
  • Students may not take a CLEP exam in a course in which they have earned a grade other than "W."
  • If students take a CLEP exam while in violation of any of these conditions, they will not receive credit.
  • If students are enrolled in a course in which they pass a CLEP exam (prior to add/drop period), it is the student's responsibility to drop the course. 

Score Reports

For scores needed, please reference OU Office of the Registrar College Level Examination Page. Official results are mailed from CLEP directly to the institution you indicate at the time of the test. You will receive an unofficial score report immediately upon completion of your CLEP exam.

Exam Preparation

** For more information on how to prepare and what to expect, please visit College Board.