What's your favorite part of Sooner Jump Start?

"The best part of the SJS program is the help from all the SJS staff. When students have problems, the SJS staff are constantly helping students. SJS staff treats every student like a family member. I remember every time I’ve had problems, I went to their office, and they helped me to solve it. Every time I have an email that I don’t understand, and if I have question about any events, they will help me to figure it out. The feeling they give us is like good friends or family members. Whatever problems we have, they will try their best to help. SJS has helped me a lot. When I first came to America, they gave SJS students a ride to go to Wal-Mart, the bank, mobile phone carriers, and an amusement park. SJS also has Chinese GAs, and I think that it is very helpful for students who are new to America because they can help translate things into Chinese."

How has SJS Helped You Be More Successful in Life?

"Because of the help from SJS staff members, I got more involved on campus. SJS staff has helped me edit my various applications and make them look better. They have helped me find examples, so I can make the best work resume."

What Advice do You Have for New Students?

"I think new students should communicate with SJS staff as much as they can. They can show up to their office, even if they do not have problems. SJS teachers are very glad to talk with them and help them all to solve any kind of problems. They are very trustful and always put us as their first mission. I hope they can get more involved on campus because it will be helpful for them all to practice English, learn new cultures, and make friends from all over the world at OU because OU has many international students from different countries. Moreover, I think they all should follow their own heart. They can make their dreams come true and do all different kind of things because we only have one chance in college, we only have one chance to be college students. For me, I would really like to try new stuff when I am in America because there are many new things to me. I am so excited to learn them all. These things will enrich my life and give me more unforgetable memories."


How have You Seen Sooner Jump Start Impact Students' Lives?

SJS has a great impact on our students because we take every effort and initiative to help them. I like that we always offer help before the students even ask. The students could be in a scary situation and feel lost when they do not know how to deal with their troubles.

What's Your Favorite Part of Sooner Jump Start?

My favorite part of SJS is our field trips. The field trips enable us to bond with our students in fun ways. These experiences make me feel like I have the best job in the world. We have gone shopping, skating, horseback riding, tourist spots, restaurants, sport games, water parks and amusement places, as well as numerous cultural experiences. I look forward to more fun with our new students!

What Recommendations do You Have for New or Prospective Students?

Language can't be separerated from the culture. If you want to talk like a native speaker, make native friends! Be open-minded! Embrace differences and diversity! Be crazy! yourself. You will survive!