Summer 2019

SJS Phase Two Track Meeting #1: Monday, June 17

Direct Admission Score Deadline: Monday, July 22

SJS Phase Two Track Meeting #2: Monday, July 22

Deadline to submit admissions documents for Fall 2019 Phase Two: Monday, August 2

First day of Fall 2019 Phase Two courses: Monday, August 19

Document Checklist

These documents are required to be submitted before students can be admitted to Phase Two of SJS:

  • Complete OU International Application 
  • Complete Confidential Financial Statement
  • Official Financial Documentation*
  • Official Academic Records*
  • Qualifying TOEFL or IELTS Score*
  • Passport ID Copy
  • Home Country Permanent Address
  • Personal Statement

*See document description below

A bank statement less than 90 days old, or certificate of balance signed by a bank official, must be provided by all financial sources of support showing liquid or readily available funds sufficient to cover the first year's expenses.

  • If the bank account is not in your name, include a financial support letter from the account holder verifying that s/he will be supporting you. If the bank statement is not written in English, please provide a certified translation.

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Official academic records must be submitted to OU in a sealed envelope with the original institutional seal and logo. If you are only provided one copy of these documents by your high school or university, we will make copies of the official documents and return the originals to you. If the credentials are not in English, please provide a certified translation.

  • Official high school transcription and graduation diploma
  • Official and complete transcript from all post-secondary institutions attended
  • Official iBT TOEFL score of 61 or higher or OU ITP TOEFL score of 500 or higher*
  • An official IELTS score of 5.5 or 6.0*

*Scores over two years old by the beginning of the term you wish to enter are not acceptable unless you have been attending school in the United States since the test date.