OLLI OKC Member Spotlight: Nancy Cain


University of Oklahoma Bizzell Library

Nancy Cain spent the majority of her career and her seven years of college focusing on science, which although incredibly rewarding, unfortunately left little time for her to pursue her curiosity in other areas. But as soon as she retired in January 2010, she immediately signed up for classes with the OLLI program. Living in the OKC area, Nancy was quick to enroll in as many courses as possible when OLLI at OU expanded to OKC. This expansion allowed Nancy to participate and enjoy the high quality OLLI courses without the long commute. Nancy has attended courses at OLLI’s OKC location every semester since its inauguration in spring 2012.

“These classes are a wonderful and fun way to catch up on liberal arts classes and classes in other areas that interest me,” Nancy said.

Over the past five years Nancy has indulged her desire for knowledge by taking a wide range of OLLI classes across multiple disciplines, including, history, music, politics, movies, art and language.

“The teachers are enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable,” Nancy said. “So are the other members of the class. There is great repartee in the classes and questions are welcomed.”

And it’s not just the subject matter that keeps Nancy involved in OLLI’s exceptional programming, the connections she makes with other students is just as inspirational and motivating. Not only has she been able to establish relationships with numerous students based on their shared backgrounds, but she finds that great minds tend to think alike outside of the classroom as well, as she sees other OLLI students at concerts and around town in Oklahoma City.

In addition to the already stellar curriculum, the OLLI program is currently moving its OKC courses to a new facility with ample parking, beverage service and including instructors from OUHSC, making the OLLI experience that much more rewarding for its members.

“I can’t brag enough on the OLLI experience” Nancy said. “It’s been wonderful, enlightening and rewarding. I encourage everyone to take OLLI classes.”

OLLI at OU is fortunate to have a program filled with members like Nancy, who frequently support and promote OLLI, as they continue their lifelong learning journey. We look forward to seeing Nancy and many other members living in the metro-area attend our OKC courses in the Spring 2016 semester.