The Master of Arts - Organizational Leadership degree recognizes the circumstances and needs of adult learners and Service members, complementing the competence and leadership experience of individuals regardless of their professions.

This 33-semester-hour degree provides both general background and specific career information for students interested in leadership and management. The program begins with a focus on theoretical information about leadership and then explores multiple issues that leaders face in a variety of settings.

Getting Started

If you are interested in obtaining a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, please follow the steps below.

  1. Complete the OU admission application. (NCPACE students are exempt from paying the OU application fee.)
  2. Submit a copy of your resume and a 300-500 word Statement of Purpose to
  3. Request official transcripts from the institution from which you earned your bachelor's degree and any other institution from which you earned graduate level college credits.

    Mail transcripts to:
    OU Extended Campus Admissions and Registration
    1700 Asp Avenue, Room B-1
    Norman, OK 73072

To enroll and begin courses while your application is being processed by The University of Oklahoma Graduate College, you must at a minimum:

  • Complete the OU application online.
  • Submit your resume, a 300-500 word Statement of Purpose, and an unofficial transcript from the institution from which you earned your bachelor's degree and any institution from which you earned graduate level college credits.

You must also meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) on your degree-conferring transcript.
  • Have at least a 3.0 CGPA on graduate level work, if 12 hours or more have been attempted.
  • You are not an international student.

Once your admission application, resume, Statement of Purpose, and unofficial transcript(s) have been received, you are permitted to enroll in courses in the degree program—provided you meet the criteria above. If this documentation is not received 14 days prior to the course start date, your enrollment will be rejected by the university. All official transcripts must be received by the end of your first academic term, or you will not be allowed to continue in the program until you have been fully admitted to the university.

If your CGPA is between 2.50 and 2.99, you may be considered for Conditional Admission, which requires you to maintain a 3.0 GPA on the first 12 letter-graded program hours of enrollment. Failure to do so can result in removal from the program. If your CGPA is lower than 2.50, you can still be considered for Conditional Admission if you submit a 1,500-word essay demonstrating the ability to critically analyze material. You may self-select a play, book, or work of art to critique, if requested by the college.

Course Information

For a checklist of the required courses and completion order of core courses, check out: 

Master of Arts - Organizational Leadership Degree Map

LSAL 5053 Research Methods listed on the degree map is only available online. LSTD 5043 Research Methods available via CD-ROM satisfies the same degree requirement.

For course descriptions, check out:

Course List

OU Extended Campus introduced three leadership tracks for this degree: Organizational Leadership, Nonprofit and Volunteer Leadership, and Government and Military Leadership. By selecting a leadership track, you can focus your learning in areas that most interest you and that lead you towards your career aspirations. Each track provides specific knowledge and skill-building that will help prepare you for career success. Currently, we only support the Government and Military Leadership track through NCPACE using CD-ROM based curriculum. For more information on the MA in Organizational Leadership tracks and this degree option, visit

Students who have completed all core courses, 75% of their coursework, and have all grades posted to their transcript are eligible to request the open book, take-home comprehensive examination. For answers to questions about the comprehensive exam or to obtain the Admission to Candidacy form, contact LaDawn at (405) 325-6421 or email

The Graduate College guidelines require the completion of a master's program within five calendar years from the time of initial enrollment. As a program of the Graduate College of the University of Oklahoma, the MAAL falls within these and other Graduate College guidelines. If there are extenuating circumstances, and upon petition, the Graduate College may grant an additional year to complete the degree.

Students should note the various regulations listed in the university's General Catalog and the university's Graduate Bulletin, concerning the age limitations on courses presented for graduation and other such rules that affect completion of the degree. OU Extended Campus strongly urges students to complete degree requirements within three years from their initial enrollment.

Evaluation of your Military Credits

If you would like an unofficial evaluation of the transferability of previous course work or military training toward the MA in Administrative Leadership degree, please contact LaDawn Jones OU Extended Campus Military Student Advisor and Compliance Coordinator, at or (405) 325-6421.

Note: Please identify yourself as a NCPACE student, so we can assist with your specific needs.