The Navy ended the contract NCPACE program effective Oct 1, 2017. Prior to that date, the Navy contracted with a specific group of higher education institutions to provide NCPACE program courses/degrees to deployed sailors. The previous contracted program paid for everything except books.  

As of Oct 1, 2017, the Navy is allowing any higher education institution to provide courses/degrees in a self-contained format to deployed sailors, but the Navy will only cover the cost of tuition up to a maximum of $250 per credit hour. All remaining tuition, course fees and cost of course materials/textbooks will be the responsibility of the sailor. The NCPACE program now operates just like Tuition Assistance, although it consists of separate money.

For more information and to initiate your voucher process, visit Navy College. 

Courses are still three months in duration and delivered via CD-ROM. However, you get to choose your start dates. 

One big change is that tuition and fees are no longer fully funded by the Navy. The student is responsible for a portion of those costs in addition to the full cost of required course materials (course materials available for purchase through the MBS Direct Online Bookstore). A breakdown of those costs is shown below (military waivers and discounts included):

General Education CoursesBA - Organizational Leadership CoursesMA - Organizational Leadership Courses
three-credit hour course:three-credit hour course resident:three-credit hour course resident:
$944.85 ($478.80 tuition; $466.05 fees)
-$478.80 (NCPACE funding at $159.60 p/credit hour)
$466.05 (balance student owes)
$1,064.91 ($478.80 tuition; $586.11 fees)
-$478.80 (NCPACE funding at $159.60 p/ch)
$586.11 (balance student owes)
$1,224.42 ($639.90 tuition; $584.52 fees)
-$639.90 (NCPACE funding at $213.30 p/ch)  
$584.52 (balance student owes)
four-credit hour course:three-credit hour course non-resident:three-credit hour course non-resident:
$1,259.80 ($638.40 tuition; $621.40 fees)
-$638.40 (NCPACE funding at $159.60 p/ch)
$621.40 (balance student owes)
$1,064.91 ($1064.91 tuition; $0.00 fees)
-$750.00 (NCPACE funding at $250.00 p/ch)
$314.91 (balance student owes)
$1,224.42 ($1,224.42 tuition; $0.00 fees)
-$750.00 (NCPACE funding at $250.00 p/ch)  
$474.42 (balance student owes)
five-credit hour course:  
$1,574.75 ($798.00 tuition; $776.75 fees)
-$798.00 (NCPACE funding at $159.60 p/ch)
$776.75 (balance student owes)


Thank you for your interest in taking courses through the OU Extended Campus using NCPACE funding. For the enrollment type you’re looking for, please click the appropriate link below. Please note that filling out this form does not constitute enrollment. We will be in contact with you shortly to confirm your enrollment details. Also, we need to have your payment voucher from the Navy to initiate the enrollment.

You can sign up for multiple courses, but they all must have the same start date. For independent start dates, complete the sign-up form for each date.