The University of Oklahoma has served the needs of military students since 1942 and is dedicated to the values, principles, and traditions of higher education. The university's policies and programs are designed specially to help military students complete high quality degrees regardless of assignment or location. OU is proud to provide members of the military community the opportunity to continue their education through distance learning.

OU provides sailors the opportunity to enroll in seventeen undergraduate university courses generally not available through Base Education programs. Choices include two chemistry courses with labs, six mathematics courses—from college algebra through a four-course calculus and analytic geometry sequence—an introductory statistics course, and a physics course, among others.

The University of Oklahoma also offers the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership and the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership through NCPACE..

Sailors will find the following program policies and features attractive:

  1. Credit for military training and occupational experience will be awarded in accordance with the ACE Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services and university policy.
  2. Credits are awarded for some CLEP Examinations, Dantes Subject Standardized Tests, Proficiency Examination Program, and English Competency Examinations.
  3. The opportunity to continue with OU courses offered online when the program of study cannot be completed using NCPACE funding.

For a full list of general education and elective courses and degrees offered through the NCPACE program, please select the appropriate option below.

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