All non-resident students desiring HSLE tuition waivers must submit evidence of HSLE affiliation to the PACS Exemption Application.

This is a one-time application and the nonresident tuition waiver benefit will carry with the student throughout the remainder of his/her academic career. There is no need to resubmit documentation each semester.


Eligible PersonsRequired Documentation
Federal Bureau of Law Enforcement OfficersFBI ID Card
State PoliceState Police ID Card
County Sheriff/Police OfficersCountry LE ID Card
City Police OfficersCity LE Card
Border Patrol OfficersBorder Patrol ID Card
Transportation Police OfficersLaw Enforcement ID Card
US Immigration and Customs OfficersLaw Enforcement ID Card
US Secret Service OfficersLaw Enforcement ID Card
Other federal, state or local Law Enforcement officers not listed aboveFederal, state, or local LE ID Card
Other Homeland Security agencies as deemed appropriate by the Dean/Associate Dean of the college.Case-by-case basis


HSLE documentation will be submitted to PACS Exemption Application upon enrollment in your first class.


Course charges will post to student Bursar accounts approximately 10 business days before the start of the term. Students will initially be charged nonresident and resident tuition, as the waiver cannot be processed until after the free add/drop period has ended to ensure schedule accuracy. All nonresident tuition waivers are manually processed the week after the free add/drop period has ended and students can expect to have all adjustments post within five business days. Students may receive a bill for the total cost of tuition and fees from the Office of the Bursar before PACS has processed the forms. This is common and not a cause for alarm — PACS will apply all billing and waivers as soon as possible each semester.