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LSAT Prep logoWill you be ready for the LSAT?

The entrance test for law school is one of the first and most crucial activities needed to accomplish legal career goals. OU’s LSAT Prep course is here to provide a strategic and streamlined approach to the exam preparation.

Spring LSAT Prep Course.

The course will run March 4-April 21, 2019

Classes will meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6 – 9 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Note: Class will not meet March 24, 2019.)

All classes will meet at the OU College of Law, classroom C-5. More details will be provided upon registration and prior to July 31.

The fee is $825, with approximately $150 for materials that you order.

Registration will CLOSE on February 28, 2019. 

We hope to see you in class!

Questions? Please contact OU PACE LSAT Prep Course at 405-325-5101 or

To succeed in getting the best LSAT score possible, students need to understand:

  • How to take a test like the LSAT – there’s a methodology to be understood;
  • How to recognize ‘patterns’ of reasoning that run through test questions;
  • How to develop a ‘pacing’ plan for answering test questions;
  • How your commitment to self-discipline sets your preparation as a top time priority, that ultimately will give you the score you desire.

The LSAT can take up to four hours, as an experience, and is comprised of six sections that will test your reading/ordering, reasoning and time management:

  • Two Logical Reasoning or ‘Arguments’ sections
  • One Analytical Reasoning or ‘Games’ section
  • One Reading Comprehension Section, that includes Comparative Reading, of various passages, to include: thesis, informational, enlightenment and controversy types.
  • One Unscored section: any section may be ‘unscored’, but you won’t know which one, so…
  • One Writing section: this is the final section of the test and it is also read by the schools you apply to and represents your language and thought organization skills. It remains a part of your permanent record as well.

Each section is to be completed within 35 minutes and contains 22-28 questions, except for the writing section which will have a scenario for you to work with.

Join OU’s LSAT Prep Course and study with other students who:

  • Will gain a strategic advantage, through use of our approach and instructor guidance
  • Will develop a focused method of Reading Comprehension
  • Will get additional instruction on the newest LSAT feature: Comparative Reading
  • Will practice, practice, practice with real and current LSAC preptests