Let’s face it: life gets busy. Sometimes it feels like your schedule controls you, not the other way around. At OU Extended Campus, we believe online education should adapt to your schedule. It’s your degree on your schedule. 

We know you have questions. So, here are the answers to some of the most common ones:

Tuition and fees depend on Oklahoma residency, non-residency and affiliations with the United States’ military, as well as certified, sworn-police-officer statuses. 

Partnership rates may apply.

In addition to offering classes 100% online, OU Extended Campus also provides onsite options for students who want to attend class in person. Availability of onsite courses depends on the number of students enrolled at each location.

Students are encouraged to take two, three-hour courses every 16 weeks semester. If you follow, the recommended structure of taking two classes in the fall two classes in the spring and one course in the summer, then you can complete 15 hours in a calendar year. 

Listed with each course section will be the Start and End dates, which tends to carry consistent calendar dates as follows:


  • Sixteen weeks: August– December


  • Sixteen weeks: January – May


  • Eightweeks: June – July

Students are limited in the number of hours they can enroll in each semester—without permission of the student's dean. These limits are listed below:

  • Fall/Spring: nine hours
  • Summer: six hours

Exceeding these enrollment limits will be considered if the student has a combined retention GPA of 3.00, or higher. However, the college recommends that students take no more than six hours per Fall and Spring sessions, and three hours in the Summer. The majority of students are working adults with many responsibilities in addition to school, and have found the recommended load to be the most manageable.

If following the recommended course load, the degree takes approximately two years and one semester to complete.

Yes. OU Extended Campus is a part of the University of Oklahoma, which is a regionally-accredited institution through the Higher Learning Commission.

Yes. We are one of the twenty colleges within the university. 

We do not accept life or work experience. However, military and law enforcement training may apply.

Yes. Financial aid and scholarships are available for those who qualify.

No. In your courses, you will need to meet assignment deadlines as outlined by the faculty member. However, you do not need to be logged in at the same time as your classmates or as your professor.

All course material is available online, and all student assignments are submitted through our web-based learning-management-system (Canvas LMS). The courses are set up on standard semester-based terms, and assignments are due when required by the faculty member.