Dr. Stauffer is an entrepreneur, business owner, and executive who specializes in measurably improving the performance of his customer’s organizations through strategic planning and business transformation.  During his thirty-two years of experience, he has worked continuously with NASA as a management consultant providing policy creation, governance formulation, and mission-enabling business strategy services.  Bob has aided NASA executives and their national and international partners by facilitating the alignment of their program goals and strategies to achieve corporate strategic intent.  He has provided similar services to the FBI, Department of Interior, and Fortune 100 companies.  In addition, Bob has taught numerous leadership and business management courses as part-time adjunct faculty at the USA Graduate School in Washington DC and the Lorain County Community College, and has delivered hundreds of custom-developed business courses through his firm to his federal and commercial clients. 

Bob’s areas of expertise include leadership development, strategic planning, strategic business transformation, organizational optimization, and enterprise architecture.  He has spoken nationally and internationally at symposia on enterprise architecture, and on his most recent NASA contract won a federal best-practice award from the E-Gov institute for innovations in rationalizing the business merit of proposed investments and how they would aid NASA in achieving its corporate strategic intent.

Selected Past Client Experiences

  • NASA
    • Office of Administrator 
    • Space Exploration Mission Directorate
    • Space Operations Mission Directorate
    • Science Mission Directorate
    • Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate 
    • Office of CIO
    • Office of Chief Scientist
    • Office of Space Shuttle
    • Office of Space Station
  • FBI, Office of CIO
  • Department of Justice, Office of CIO
  • Department of Interior, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Classified federal engagements 
  • Commercial Aerospace
  • Northrup Grumman
  • Boeing
  • Computer Sciences Corporation
  • Science Applications International