Four Phases to Your Degree

You can complete the MAOL program’s 33-hour requirement in as little as two years. The program includes four phases. First, you will begin your coursework with an introduction to interdisciplinary education. These studies will help you develop a broad understanding of the world, as well as enhance your critical thinking and communication skills. Next, you will complete the program’s core leadership curriculum. These courses develop students’ skills and abilities to lead, as well as provide knowledge about how to build the leadership skills of others. After completing the first two phases of the program, you may select one of three available leadership track options to help you build knowledge and skills related to your desired career path. Finally, you will complete your degree with six hours of credit earned from one of two completion options.


PHASE ONE: Interdisciplinary Studies (nine hours)

  • Introduction to Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies 
  • Interdisciplinary Foundations 
  • Research Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies

PHASE TWO: Core Leadership Courses (nine hours)

  • Theories of Management and Leadership 
  • Creating, Leading, and Managing Change 
  • Cultures of Organizations 

PHASE THREE: Select a Leadership Track (nine hours)

By selecting a leadership track, you can focus your learning in areas that most interest you and that lead you towards your career aspirations. Each track provides specific knowledge and skill-building that will help prepare you for career success.

Leadership tracks

Organizational Leadership Track

  • Financial Leadership
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Approved Elective

Nonprofit and Volunteer Leadership Track

  • Fundraising and Budgeting
  • Nonprofit Governance
  • Approved Elective

Government and Military Leadership

  • Leadership in History
  • US Military Leadership: Insights and Applications
  • Approved Elective

PHASE FOUR: Program Completion (six hours)

After completing your coursework in Phases One, Two, and Three, you will finalize your program by selecting a degree completion option. You can choose to either complete a thesis, take six additional course hours with a comprehensive examination, or enroll in the Experiential Leadership Completion Program.

  • Thesis
  • Six additional credit hours of approved elective coursework and written comprehensives
  • The Experiential Leadership Completion Program Course I and Course II and written comprehensives

Organizational Leadership Course Descriptions


The MAOL program offers one of the most innovative completion options available in higher education. We call this completion option the Experiential Leadership Completion Program (ELCP). Many ELCP participants will find that this program provides the most significant leadership development experience of their careers. Please download the ELCP brochure and view the video to learn more.

Download the ELCP brochure


Graduate certificates provide an opportunity for a focused program of graduate study in a specified topic. You may complete the certificate program while enrolled in a graduate degree program, or you may be admitted directly to the certificate program. Hours taken in completion of the graduate certificate may be applicable to a graduate degree program. Certificate admission, retention, and completion GPA requirements are the same as for graduate degree programs. Learn more

Organizational Leadership Degree Planning Sheet