LSAL 5343 - Cultural Communications in Leadership

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LSAL 5413 - Global Challenges in Leadership

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LSIS 5033 - Ethnographic Field Research and Writing

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LSIS 5093 - Literature Review Development

You’ll explore the literature review process through academic searches, selecting sources and documenting salient research related to a specified problem statement, background to the problem, research questions and methodology.

LSIS 5113 - Critical Readings in Interdisciplinary Studies

You’ll analyze critical research texts that will expand creative thought and insight about the world in which we live and provide a basis for future application of interdisciplinary study and reasoning.

LSIS 5133 - Advanced Interdisciplinary Foundations

You’ll be introduced to Thomas Kuhn’s paradigm concept and its ability to describe and guide the acquisition of knowledge. Topics include the origins of the paradigm concept and the history and nature of scientific discovery.

LSIS 5203 - Addressing Diversity in the United States

You’ll study of theories of leadership, identity, race, gender, disability, and oppression, issues of diversity and inclusion, challenges of underrepresented populations in the United States, and our responsibilities as leading diverse populations.

LSIS 5313 - Volunteering in the 21st Century

You’ll examine the history of volunteerism in the United States and the current relationship between non-profit organizations and the use of volunteer programs in political, social, education, and economic environments in the United States.

LSIS 5333 - Volunteer Program Development

You’ll study the assessment of an organization's volunteer needs; planning and implementing recruiting, screening, placement, and training strategies; and mobilizing volunteers to meet organizational goals.

LSIS 5373 - Volunteer Management

You’ll examine the affective use of volunteers in a variety of organizations. Topics include motivating, monitoring, and supervising volunteers, and the retention of volunteers through appreciation and recognition strategies.

LSIS 5980 - Research for Master’s Thesis

Research and writing of a thesis for completion of OU Extended Campus graduate degrees.

LSTD 5003 - Intro to Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies

You’ll gain an appreciation for performance standards and scholarship appropriate to graduate study and develop the skills necessary for success in academic research and writing in this intensive seminar.

LSTD 5013 - Interdisciplinary Foundations

You’ll learn to understand and interpret information as the interdisciplinary approach to graduate studies is reinforced. Readings will introduce the concept of paradigms as an organizing principle for understanding and interpreting information.

LSTD 5043  - Research Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies

This course focuses on enhancing your understanding of the fundamental concepts of research, so you can be an informed consumer of research and write research proposals.

LSTD  5073 - Quantitative Research Methods for Interdisciplinary Studies

You’ll explore descriptive and inferential statistics for quantitative research using graphs, frequency distributions, probability, central tendency, dispersion, hypothesis testing, tests of mean differences and correlation.

LSTD 5083 - Qualitative Research Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies

You’ll become familiar with the most common methods of qualitative research, learning to design a study, how to recognize and address ethical issues and how to analyze qualitative data.

LSTD 5980 – Thesis

Prerequisite: graduate standing, LSTD 5003, LSTD 5013, and completion of first concentration core course; or permission of dean. May be repeated for a maximum credit six hours. Research and writing of a thesis for completion of PACS Extended Campus Online graduate degrees. (F, Sp, Su)  See also: Degree Completion Options