Quick Facts

Delivery: Onsite

Credit Hours: 36

Admissions: Rolling Year-Round

The Master of Education in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum is a degree program that consists of four curriculum areas:

  • Elective courses that allow students to customize their degree and are taken by all students who enter the program.
  • Core curriculum courses that provide a foundation in leadership principles.
  • A concentration that is chosen by the student and provides specialized knowledge in an area or discipline.
  • Degree completion – As the final task of earning a master’s degree, students can choose to complete a thesis, a research project, or take six additional course hours with a comprehensive examination.

Degree Requirements

  • 12 hours core courses
  • 12 hours concentration courses
  • 12 hours electives

Core Courses - 12 credit hours required

  • ILAC 5003 Models of Instruction
  • ILAC 5233 Understanding Different Cultures
  • ILAC 5143 Theory and Research in Education
  • ILAC 6033 Critical Research Paradigms

Concentration - 12 credit hours required

  • EDUC 6930 Introduction to Teaching
  • ILAC 6960 Learning and Technology
  • EDSP 5940 Theories Exceptional Children
  • EDEL 5593 Issues in Elementary Education, or
  • EDSE 5653 Problems in Secondary Schools

Electives - 12 credit hours

  • ILAC 5043 Analysis of Teaching and Learning
  • ILAC 5970 Seminar (topics vary)
  • EDEC 6303 Parent Involvement and Education
  • EDSS 5343 Global Education
  • EDMA 5153 Problem Centered Learning
  • EDSC 5523 The Science of Learning Theories
  • EDEN 5940 Literature for Young Adults
  • EDRG 5573 Culture, Language, Literacy


The Comprehensive Examination (Comps): A comprehensive exam will be taken during the final term of study.