LSHA 5113 – Strategic Planning and Evaluation in HHSA

An interdisciplinary inquiry into the concepts of strategic planning and evaluation in the human and health services organizational settings. This will include a study of the strategic planning, implementation skills and the evaluation process; and of various models and approaches to designing and conducting strategic planning, including specific techniques for conducting environmental scans, SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), strategic issue identification and strategy formulation.

LSHA 5133 – Cultural, Social and Diversity Issues in HHSA

An interdisciplinary inquiry into cultural, social and other diversity issues that human and health services professionals will encounter in the process of providing services to their clients/patients. Exploration of how one’s cultural and social environment impacts one’s belief system. Successful delivery of service will depend upon the depth of understanding by personnel with regard to various belief systems.

LSHA 5153 – Ethics in Human and Health Services Administration

An interdisciplinary inquiry into the nature of ethics, especially in the context of multicultural health care; the kinds of moral problems within this landscape and how rational thinking can guide ethical thought in ways that address the challenges in health care policy and reform.

LSHA 5313 – Cross Cultural Health Issues

This course explores multiple issues in the field of international health using a multidisciplinary perspective, while including particular countries as examples. Students will be exposed to the perspective that human lives are affected by larger, societal level influences that often are beyond our immediate individual control. We will explore the ways in which structural level variables influence human health, including economic, historical, cultural, political and psychosocial factors. For example, we will see the role that war has played in the high rates of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Moreover, we will consider the influence of behavioral patterns on certain health outcomes.

LSHA 5403 – Geriatric Issues

This course will introduce health and developmental issues pertaining to human geriatric populations, provide specific challenge areas for focusing on both problems and potential solutions, and highlight positive, recreational and self-actualizing activities and pursuits available to geriatric populations.

LSHA 5513 – Psychosocial Aspects of Disability

This course is designed to examine the struggles in which persons with disabilities have been engaged and the barriers they have had to overcome, as well as the barriers they continue to face in their quest to obtain the freedoms that persons without disabilities so freely enjoy. The following areas will be examined in some detail: disenfranchisement of persons with disabilities, attitudes toward persons with disabilities, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other legislative actions, disability rights movement, self-concept and self-esteem, the role of family and intervention strategies.

LSHA 5920 – Internship

Prerequisite: graduate standing, LSTD 5003, and permission of dean. May be repeated; maximum credit six hours. 75 working hours (per credit hour) of field experience directly related to study focus in the Master's program is required. Requirements include journal, reports, written summary and comprehensive examination over these materials. (F, Sp, Su). See also:

Graduate Internship Packet