Introduction to Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies 

You’ll be gain an appreciation for performance standards and scholarship appropriate to graduate study and develop the skill necessary for success in academic research and writing in this intensive seminar.

Interdisciplinary Foundations 

You’ll learn to understand and interpret information as the interdisciplinary approach to graduate studies is reinforced

Research Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies

This course focuses on enhancing your understanding of the fundamental concepts of research so you can be an informed consumer of research and write research proposals.


Theories of Management and Leadership 

You’ll explore and analyze the concepts of leadership, including leadership theory, changing leadership roles, power, decision making, empowerment, vision, communication, diversity and ethics.

Creating, Leading, and Managing Change 

In this course you’ll examine the leadership skills necessary to create and manage change in a variety of organizational settings. Topics include leadership styles in change management, organizational change strategies, models, frameworks and the potential barriers to change in organizations.

Cultures of Organizations 

In this course you’ll discuss organizational structure and its significance for leadership behavior, relationships between organizations and aspects of leadership.


Organizational Leadership Track

Financial Leadership

This course offers an intensive inquiry into the decision-making functions of financial leadership in organizations. You’ll learn to understand and apply financial management and resource allocation skills through engagement in an Internet-delivered business simulation.

Building High Performance Teams

This course will provide you with the knowledge you’ll need to identify a group’s current functioning and build the necessary conditions to create an effective, high-performance team.

Nonprofit and Volunteer Leadership Track

Fundraising and Budgeting

While studying the history, philosophy and ethics of fundraising and development, you’ll learn about building relationships, goal setting, communication and how to build strategic fundraising plans to support a non-profit organization’s vision.

Nonprofit Governance

This course offers an overview of key issues involved in the governance of nonprofit organizations and the role of nonprofit boards.

Government and Military Leadership Track

Leadership in History

Using prominent examples drawn from history, you’ll analyze principles of leadership through discussions aimed to facilitate the understanding of leadership in different historical contexts.

US Military Leadership: Insights and Applications

This course focuses on leadership, both uniformed and civilian, in the United States military from 1775 to 2000. The impact of technology, maturing military theory and the changing position of the United States in the world will be addressed.


LSAL 5913 - Experiential Leadership II

Students critique personal leadership skills, abilities, and strategies to build a productive team through effective planning, coaching, and decision making.

LSAL 5903 - Experiential Leadership I

The course equips students with skills critical to developing strategy and maximizing their impact in leadership roles, and develops advanced leadership tools including how to increase an organization's leadership capacity.