Quick Facts

Delivery: Onsite

Credit Hours: 90

Admissions: TBA

Delivery: Cohort format to military ID cardholders in Europe


Degree Locations


There is a range of communications media that will be used to provide responsive interface between staff, faculty, and students.


OU email will be the primary means of communication for administrative support. There will be two forms of email communication:

Personal: Personal correspondence is addressed to a specific member of the faculty or a student. This mode is best used to address issues that involve circumstances pertaining to one individual rather than the cohort group. A list of key email addresses are provided below.

Group: Much of the information exchanged or issues discussed are of interest to the entire PhD Cohort Group. A listserv will be established for the cohort.

Each student will be provided an OU email address, which should become the preferred email address for all university and course communication. The use of personal email addresses often results in lost or incomplete communications. Most email systems provide for "forwarding" options, which may accommodate personal preferences for email communications.

Fax, Telephone, and Mail

Students are welcome to contact staff and faculty using more traditional communications. Fax, telephone numbers, and mailing addresses may be obtained by contacting the Europe office at apeuadmin@ou.edu. We strongly encourage the use of email as a way of tracking and dating the receipt of materials.

Computer-Mediated Instruction (CMI)

There are provisions for part of some courses to be delivered using distance technology. The Canvas software system allows for asynchronous instructional delivery and discussion between students and faculty and among students. Students will be trained in the use of the appropriate software before its implementation.

Problem Resolution

OU Extended Campus prides itself in providing quality educational experiences supported by excellent customer service. Our goal is to prevent problems by constantly being attentive to the needs of our students. Sometimes, however, unforeseen problems occur. Our commitment to you is to expeditiously resolve each issue. To help us provide that personal service, please immediately communicate any problems. The following list of contacts will help you determine who is the person who can resolve each specific problem. Email is generally the best mode of communication. Primary responsibilities are assigned as follows:

Academic Issues

Dean Randall Hewes, Graduate College hewes@ou.edu

Dr. Kirby Gilliland, Academic Director kirby@ou.edu

Dr. Karen Thurston, Academic Advisor thurston@ou.edu

Administrative and Logistical Issues (Norman)

Mr. Rodney Clark, Associate Director rodclark@ou.edu

Mr. Chad Manos, Enrollment Coordinator chaddles@ou.edu

Administrative and Logistical Issues (Europe)

Dr. Peggy J. Lerner, Director OU Europe apeudirector@ou.edu

Ms. Jessica Smith, OU Europe Ph.D., Site Director apeuadmin@ou.edu