Quick Facts

Delivery: Onsite

Credit Hours: 90

Admissions: TBA

Delivery: Cohort format to military ID cardholders in Europe

Degree Locations


At the beginning of each semester, students will automatically be enrolled in the scheduled classes for that semester. Notification of enrollment will be sent to the student's OU email address. The only potential problem area is when students begin to enroll in elective credits.

Please contact Chad Manos at (405) 325-1959 or email him at chaddles@ou.edu when registering for these classes to an ensure that proper procedures are followed.

Withdrawal of Enrollment

This doctoral program has been specially designed for a cohort group. Consequently, students may not withdraw from a course. If an emergency arises in which the student will not be able to attend a class session, the student should contact the Academic Director immediately. The Academic Director is the final authority in approving class absence. Remember that if you miss a class entirely you can be disenrolled from the program.


Grades will be posted to student records at the end of each semester. Grades awarded in the Graduate College are A, B, C, D, F, S, U, I, W and X. The Graduate College Bulletin contains complete descriptive grade information. The following explanations apply only to those courses that are approved for OU Europe graduate credit:

S = Satisfactory

  • Neutral in the computation of GPA
  • Signifies work of B quality or better
  • Only passing grade accepted for special problems, individual research and directed readings courses

 U = Unsatisfactory

  • Neutral in the computation of GPA
  • Indicates that no credit is given for work undertaken

W = Withdrawal

  • Neutral grade assigned if student is passing at the time of withdrawal

F = Failure

  • Assigned if student is failing at the time of withdrawal
  • Awarded no credit hours or grade point
  • Calculated into the cumulative GPA

AW = Administrative Withdrawal

  • Neutral grade assigned if the student is involuntarily withdrawn by the institution during the designated semester for disciplinary or financial reasons or inadequate attendance

D = Indicates failure - no credit toward a graduate degree

  • Coursework receiving a grade of D cannot be used to satisfy prerequisite requirements and/or requirements for certificates

X = Satisfactory Progress

  • Neutral grade to be used only for thesis and dissertation research courses numbered 5980 and 6980 and for the thesis and dissertation equivalent courses numbered 5880 and 6880

I = Incomplete Work

  • Neutral grade that the instructor will use to indicate to the student what must be done to complete the course and set a time limit appropriate to the circumstances. The time allowed may not exceed one calendar year. If by the end of the year the student has not completed the course, the grade of I will become permanent on the student's record. After a grade of I has become permanent, a student may re-enroll in the course. Credit for courses in which a student has received an I at the University of Oklahoma cannot be transferred from another institution. The foregoing time limitation concerning removal of an incomplete does not apply to graduate research and certain graduate problems courses.


Transcripts are available at any time during the semester at no cost to the student. All requests for transcripts should be submitted in writing to Registration and Records, The University of Oklahoma, 1700 Asp Avenue, Norman, Oklahoma 73072-6400 or faxed to (405) 325-7273.